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The Santa Fe school shooting that claimed the lives of nine students and one instructor continue to supplement the series of school shootings in america. The deadly massacre of students in universities persists even with the increased installation of school resource officers (SROs). A credible and realistic answer to this problem doesn’t appear forthcoming in the not too distant future.

Even in the midst of this confusion, we have to attempt to speculate about some of the things which are helping the rising incidences of school shootings, and that I can not help but wonder if the next amendment has anything to do with it. The U.S. Constitution grants American citizens the right to keep firearms for their own protection. While this may have seemed a noble movement to protect the American citizens at the time of beginning, the price of it’s becoming too weighty, claiming the lives of innocent and young Americans. Incidences of gun violence are on the upswing in america, and the solution to the problem could just be embedded in the litigation procedure.

Although the second amendment only allows the issuance of firearms to adults, a few of those adults don’t appear to deal with the guns in the appropriate manner. A few of the kids involved in school shootings are reported to utilize their parents’ guns to commit the massacre. This, then, raises an important question of precisely how cautious are the parents in managing their guns? Why are kids having access to these firearms?

Texas governor Abbot, after the Santa Fe shooting, suggested that teachers must be armed and equipped to respond to these cases of school shootings. The most important question I ask myself is if the installation of SROs, who were trained for years, haven’t solved the issue, how would arming the teachers help?

The only viable way to address the issue of school shootings and gun violence in the U.S. is simply to get the guns from the streets. Allow Centurian do the job which they’ve been employed to perform; to offer security to the American men and women. The black economy in the usa is full to firearms, and before the federal government makes a move to eliminate those guns from the current market, through a possible change of the constitution, incidences of gun violence could just continue to happen, and this will claim many innocent and young lives.

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