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If you like your RV and you would like to keep it safe, we recommend that you read this report. You may read about RV storage and a number of ideas to keep it from getting damaged. Given below are some suggestions that could help you with this job. Keep reading to know more.


Ensure that you wash and wax the rig before putting it in the RV storage. Actually, the function of the wax is to protect the device from dirt and the UV rays of sunlight. While washing, we recommend that you concentrate on the roof also.

If you discover anything worn out or cracked, we recommend that you get it mended.

2. Ventilation

It’s hard to defend the RV from moisture. The best means of maintaining the RV interior dry would be to maintain the vents of the rooftop open. It is possible to install great vent covers on your roof vents to keep away the moisture.


If you would like to reduce mold growth, you may even use the night shades. As an example, you can decide on semi-transparent daytime shades. It’s a fantastic idea to shut the curtains. Just ensure you go for only higher quality curtains and blinds.

4. Slide Outs

It’s a fantastic idea to keep the slides retracted while keeping your RV. Aside from this, before you place the RV in storage, we recommend that you wash the roof and the rubber seals correctly.


To keep rodents and fleas away, ensure that you block or display the external openings. You might want to inspect the plumbing vents, furnace exhaust and the outside of the vent and refrigerator panel, just to mention a few.

The best method of keeping them away is by eliminating nesting materials and food resources. If you don’t maintain a supply of food in the region, they won’t have the ability to survive.

6. Electrical

As soon as you’ve placed the RV in storage, be sure to switch off the electric with a switch. This way your battery bank will not drain fast and you will not need to replace the battery charge over and over again. In the winter, a fully charged battery is exactly what you require.

So, when you have been on the lookout for some fantastic RV storage tips, we recommend that you check out the 6 hints offered in this report. Hopefully, you’ll have the ability to get the most from your RV storage.

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